Service,loyalty with Honesty


The Biselex Group of Companies have been in operation since June, 1967. The Biselex Group of companies is a multi-national company that is based in several African countries namely Eritrea, Ethiopia, Florida USA, Kenya and South Sudan. For the last 46years our service, loyalty with honesty has kept us all the way with our loyal customers. And we're still going strong. It operates in an environment consisting of developmental agencies, industries, large and small scale farmers, the government and non-governmental agencies.
The folowing are its subsidiaries all over the world:-
  1. Biselex Eritrea LTD - Asmara, Eritrea
  2. Biselex Ethiopia LTD - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  3. Fasb Investment East Africa LTD - Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Fasb Investment East Africa LTD - Juba, South Sudan
  5. Biselex Engineering - Kampala, Uganda
  6. Biselex Engineering - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  7. Biselex Engineering - Kinshasa, Zaire/Congo 
It deals with large scale electric power generation, large scale construction machinery, irrigation equipment such as those for drip irrigation, overhead irrigation, farrow irrigation etc.
Biselex provides its services to the communities in the East and Central Africa region, conveniently and with the least social and financial cost. We shall always endeavor to give high quality expertise and adopt a close working relationship with the clients and with other experts in our area of operation.
Where possible, Biselex supports community development activities i.e. in educating the community about water sanitation and maintenance of facilities both at the immediate operation environment and in the targeted areas of operation.
"...Provision of quality service at a reasonable, affordable price."
  1. To provide water related equipment to the community, Government and Industries.
  2. To Design, Manufacture, Assemble, Survey, Supply, Test and Commission water-related equipment to enhance technology and adaptation.
  3. To Service and Maintain existing water supply systems.